Producer & Actor. Age: 31. Lover of dogs, cider, fake moustaches and real beards.


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 Have you ever been photographed in your underwear before?

No. And, if you told 15 year old me that I would be, she would never believe you. 

What made you want to be a part of this shoot?

I really believe in what Stole My Heart practices, and I want more women to see that every body is beautiful.  Plus, who doesn't want to spend the day in fantastic underwear?? 

What did you take away from the experience?

One thing that really stuck out for me was how supportive all the ladies were. And, how much our own insecurities are 100% in our heads. I walked away with 4 new girl crushes for sure. 

What was your fave piece/look from the day?

The Lolita bra!