Common Bra Fitting Problems and How To Fix Them

February 20, 2021

Common Bra Fitting Problems and How To Fix Them

At Stole My Heart, we believe everyone can achieve a (near) perfect fit. 

Wearing a well-fitted bra that’s comfortable can improve your posture and help reduce pain or discomfort you have in your shoulders, back or bust.

See our tips below on how to fix your bra fitting issues.

Band is not sitting right

My band is riding up my back.

Problem: Your band is riding up in the back.

Solution: If you’re wearing the right sized band, you should not be able to pull it out farther than 4 cm from the centre of your back. To test this, lift your arms up, fasten your band to the loosest hook and eye and then try pulling it out from the centre of your back. If it pulls out more than 4 cm, then you may need to go down a band size or two.

My band is pulling down in the front.

Problem: The front of your band is pulling down below your breasts. If you notice your bra is leaving red marks, this could be an indication that the band size is wrong.

Solution: Go up a band size.

My underwires are digging in.

Problem: The underwire in the side of your cups is digging into the sides of your breasts. 

Solution: This can be one of two issues. Your cup size may be too small or your band is too tight, causing it to dig in. First, try going up a cup size to see if that solves your issue. If it doesn’t, try going up a band size.

Cups not fitting right

My breasts are spilling out of my bra.

Problem: Your breasts are spilling out the tops or sides of your bra. This means the cups are too small. 

Solution: Your perfect fit should have no overspill anywhere. Try going up a cup size or two.

My cups are wrinkled, creased or are gaping.

Problem: If your cups are too big, they will look baggy. If the bra is in a moulded style, it will cause gaping at the top of the cup.

Solution: Try going down a cup size.

The centre of my bra is lifting away from my chest.

Problem: The centre gore should lie flat against your body. If the centre of your bra is lifting away from your chest, it can be a sign that your cups are too small. 

Solution: Try going up a cup size.

Straps not sitting right

My straps are digging into my shoulders.

Problem: If your bra straps are digging in, it’s likely your band is too big and your straps are having to provide most of the support (whereas it should be the other way around).

Solution: Try going down a band size. Once you have a better fitting band, adjust your straps so they sit comfortably on your shoulders.

My straps are slipping off my shoulders.

Problem: Your straps keep falling off your shoulders.

Solution: Tighten your straps! Bra straps are meant to loosen overtime, so try this approach before tossing your bra. 

Tip: If you have narrow shoulders, avoid balcony styles that have wide set straps. This will help negate your straps-slipping-off-my-shoulder issue. 

More tips...

Different sized breasts: More often than not, your breasts can be two different cup sizes. To get the best shape and support, fit your bra to your larger breast. 

Sister sizes: If the bra isn't fitting just right, you can try on your sister size.

To size down, go up a cup size and down in band size. For example, if you're a 34C, your sister size would be 32D.

If you need to size up, go down a cup size and up in band size. For example, if you wear a 34C, your other sister size would be 36B.

Boob sweat: 
If you struggle from breast sweat, avoid wearing thick, padded bras and try wearing an unlined style or a lightly lined bra. As well, trying wearing bras made out of breathable material, like cotton, bamboo or soft lace.

Need to size yourself? Check out our fit guide here. Like some assistance? Contact our Concierge to book a private, virtual appointment today. 

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